Edda Group investing in HORECA and Facilities management - announces New Group Business Line Director for Service, Cathrine LangÄrd-Bjor

Edda Group is excited to announce the appointment of Cathrine LangÄrd-Bjor as the new Group Business Line Director for Service, effective from 1 March 2024. 

Cathrine LangÄrd-Bjor joins Edda Group with an impressive resume, boasting twenty years of experience in the temporary staffing industry. Her previous roles include Divisional Director positions at PersonalHuset and JKS, and more recently, she served as Chief Operating Officer at HÞyer. 

The new business line under Cathrine’s leadership will focus on a broad spectrum of services including hotels, restaurants, canteens, facility management, claims service, major events, retail, with more. Cathrine’s experience building Facility Services at JKS will be instrumental in steering Edda Group’s new initiatives in this sector. 

“Edda Group is confident that Cathrine’s extensive experience and personal qualities will significantly contribute to the success and growth of our service division” says Thomas Gleerup, CEO in Edda Group.