Together as a group we aim to shape the future of flexible work.

We, as Edda Group, want to combine our skills and knowledge to become the best provider of a flexible workforce in the market. 

Why do we exist

We aim to shape the future of flexible work through safe and lean operations, developing technology for lasting value creation. Building an organisation that operates at its fullest potential by allowing people to do their best work—cheering differences in perspectives, habits of mind, and core assumptions—adding value to valuable people and letting people be themselves.

We empower people through work and companies through people.

Our Brands

Our people enable us to build strong go-to-market brands based on local insight and presence, our customers let us develop and create opportunities for our employees, and our companies allow us to meet our promises, build trust and learn from each other. Together as one, we excel.

Our Commitments

We strive to create a working environment with room for people to be themselves, cheering on differences in perspectives, habits, and core assumptions. By creating opportunities for individuals, we create value together. Therefore, our commitment to operate sustainably and socially beneficially is profound.
There are many ESG considerations to take into account, and we have chosen to focus on the most relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Edda Group. The goals we have chosen are where we believe we can have the most significant impact.

Edda Group Norway

On July 1, 2022, the Norwegian Transparency Act came into effect. The purpose of this act is to encourage Norwegian companies to strive for favorable working conditions and adhere to human rights standards within their supply chains.

All companies that fall under the scope of the law are obligated to conduct due diligence assessments and annually report on these assessments. We have published the disclosure of our due diligence assessments on our website in compliance with the Transparency Act. You can download the disclosure document:


Our Management Team

Rune Myrseth​

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Stian Nygård​

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Thomas Gleerup​

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Bob Abildgaard-Jørgensen

Head of M&A and Strategy

Patrick Hansson​

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

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