PRESS RELEASE 03.05.2023

Edda Group wins significant contract with Posten Norge/Bring about temporary services


Posten Norge/Bring has chosen Edda Group to supply temp and recruitment services in Norway and Denmark. The contract period is six years. 

Until 2029, Edda Group must cover the temporary staffing needs in case of illness and periods of extra busyness at Posten Norge/Bring.

We are proud to win such a large and complex agreement at the Nordic level. Like everyone else, Posten Norge/Bring needs help during busy periods. We take winning such a contract as proof that we provide recruitment and temp services of the highest quality. We look forward to further developing the company with Posten Norge/Bring, says Patrick Hansson, CSO of Edda Group.

The category manager in the Group Staff for Procurement, Alexander W. Skredlund, explains that they have just completed a long and complex procurement process and that along the way, they carried out a thorough review of the suppliers.

Therefore, with great pleasure, we can announce that Edda Group has been awarded the framework agreement for temp and recruitment services for Posten Norge/Bring in Norway and Denmark. We look forward to the collaboration and wish Edda Group good luck in the coming period, says Skredlund.

Hansson doesn’t believe the contract would have come about without Edda Group’s Nordic footprint and the company’s many years of experience providing high-quality temporary and recruitment services.

Through a solid Nordic organization focusing on high professionalism and investment in people, we are entering a period of high demand and not only help but create added value for Posten Norge/Bring, says Hansson.

During the contract period, Edda Group must supply temporary workers and help Posten Norge/Bring with recruitment within the job categories of terminal employees, drivers, freight forwarders, customer service employees and administrative positions.

Edda Group has the companies Eterni in Norway and Moment in Denmark.

For more information: Mariska Sala, Nordic Marketing & Communications Director at  + 45 33 48 30 95 or