PRESS RELEASE 06.01.2023

Edda Group buys the leading temp agency for pedagogues in Denmark

With the acquisition of Pædagogisk Vikarbureau in Denmark, Edda Group strengthens its position in the Nordic region in the educational field. The acquisition is thus another step towards becoming the Nordic region’s leading HR Company.

On 6 January 2023, Edda Group acquired new companies in Denmark: Pædagogisk Vikarbureau and Kavaleriet.

Pædagogisk Vikarbureau has, for nearly 25 years, helped institutions and schools with temporary workers in the pedagogical field and is today the market leader in Denmark, while Kavaleriet is specialists in the field of social work.


Edda Group already owns PVS, the leading temp agency for pedagogues in Norway. With the acquisition of Pædagogisk Vikarbureau, Edda Group thus strengthens its position in the educational field in the Nordic region. Something the CEO of Edda Group, Rune Myrseth, has been looking forward to for a long time.

“We see a great synergy in how Pædagogisk Vikarbureau and PVS do business. Both have a healthy business focusing on high professionalism and the right match between temps and customers. We look forward to benefiting from each other’s experiences and developing our business line within the educational field across the Nordic region,” says Rune Myrseth.


Thomas Gleerup, COO of Edda Group and CEO of Danish Moment, shares Rune Myrseth’s enthusiasm about the acquisition.

Although Pædagogisk Vikarbureau and Kavaleriet continue as independent brands in Denmark and will therefore not share an office daily, he looks forward to welcoming his new Danish colleagues.

“I see much of the same culture and many of the same values in Pædagogisk Vikarbureau as in Edda Group and Moment. We are all committed to delivering high quality under orderly conditions,” says Thomas Gleerup.


Pædagogisk Vikarbureau was founded in 1998 by Morten Berg and Rasmus Thornval, who are still part of the management today. They look forward to a new, exciting chapter in the company’s history.

“We are looking forward to taking our business to a new level, both in Denmark and in the Nordics, while at the same time sticking to what we do best: supplying teaching substitutes with a high level of professionalism to institutions and schools throughout the country,” says Morten Berg and Rasmus Thornval.

Both will continue as part of the current management together with a total of 14 dedicated employees in the Pædagogisk Vikarbureau and Kavaleriet. Morten Berg and Rasmus Thornval will also become part of the ownership group in Edda Group.i